Personal Growth for Coaches and Entrepreneurs

Today’s modern everyday warrior is the entrepreneur and coaches. Warrior 2.0 Podcast talks about being preparing others to take on the world and master personal leadership. Warrior’s desire to be independent and in charge of their life and future, based on their own definition of success, by taking on the essence of a warrior.  After 30 years of doing seminars, host AJ Puedan hated seeing coaches and entrepreneurs get excited about impacting the world yet get stopped by getting in their own way. The warrior path helps identify and eliminate that which prevents them from getting more. People might know what they want and perhaps what to do. Yet often are lost in the moment because they lack the personal leadership to take action. On this podcast, we will discuss using the mindset and path of a warrior.

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AJ Puedan

AJ Puedan is world renowned, and respected by his peers in the industry, for his ability to magically transform and grow his clients businesses through the power of personal leadership. Aj Believe before we can lead other we must be able to first lead ourselves. Over his 30+ year speaking, training and personal develop career, AJ Puedan has worked with hundreds of thousands of people all over the world.

AJ has worked with thousands using hypnosis to overcome their blocks and empower them to achieve more than they thought possible. Through the model of a warrior, AJ takes people through a five day journey and experientially teaches them the ten warrior traits to make their life happen the way they want on purpose.

AJ's success has made him a sought after speaker with a recent speaking engagement at Harvard Business School where he dazzled the audience with his own unique style of entertainment and experiential learning.

AJ is also the author of multiple books, including an international, number one, best seller “Training For Coaches”.

Today, AJ Puedan is the president of the Success Coach Academy, a leading organization that certifies others as success coaches, hypnotist and speakers.

AJ is most known for his wise, gentle and caring style, as a parent of twins, AJ understands you must lead someone to their own success.


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It's not enough to know it, you must live it.

Trainings We Offer

BBX Business Breakthrough Experince

12 week business and personal accountability program.

Eliminate Self Sabotage

We teach you, we coach you and we hypnotize you to eliminate self sabotage to give you a clear path to success.

Warrior 2.0 PlayBook

Day to day action blueprint down the path of a warrior.


Pen to paper. We write together and get your sales presentation done.

Success Coach Certification

It's not enough to have success and call yourself a coach. You must learn to teach and inspire other into action. 

Business Hypnotist Certification

Most people know what to do and just can't get themselves to do it. Learn how to use regression hypnosis for business success.


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