Discover The Psychological FACTS Behind Tens Of Thousands Of Case Studies…


You Are Sabotaging Your Ability To Make Money

And You Don’t Even Realize You Are Doing It.

Keep Reading, And Let Me Show You Exactly How It’s Happening.

Dear Concerned Businessperson,

It doesn’t matter what industry you are in, you need to stop and think about how successful you are right now.

If you rely on making a sale of any kind, there’s more than a good chance your own mind is cheating you out of business and money.

A hidden psychological process is dictating how you think and act all of the time.

It’s working right now, and you don’t even know it.

The truth is—most of the time your mind makes decisions for you without you even realizing it. You’re even deciding to keep reading this right now and you aren’t even thinking about it.


Your Subconscious Mind Accounts For Over 90% Of Your Thought Process.

Alright, the 90% part is up for debate—that’s the realm of researchers and professional psychology studies that are to lengthy to discuss here.

But it is a reality—a complete, unavoidable FACT—that your mind is incapable of consciously handling all of the information and thoughts you are experiencing at once.

It’s impossible.

Think about it this way…

What we’ve found from the thousands of case studies we’ve performed—this is something that psychologists agree on too—is that about 10% of your mind is devoted to conscious awareness.

So you are looking at a screen right now, reading these words and interpreting them.

But—there are other things going on. Elements of life and thought that you have completely tuned out to focus on what I am trying to explain.

The tick of the second hand on a clock, the wind blowing outside, the sound of birds or children playing in the street, or maybe the noise from the television in the other room—the point is, that other things are going on right now around you.

Yes, your mind is processing what all of those things mean. That process is happening in your subconscious—an area of your brain that accomplishes the other 90% of the thoughts you have, the reactions you make to environmental stimuli, the decisions you make, and all other life processes.


What Happens When You Apply The Idea Of The Subconscious To Business Interactions?

Think about it right now for a minute—trust me, this will make complete sense if you keep reading…

If conscious thought only accounts for 10% of your mind while you are reading this sentence, what do you suppose happens in a business or sales situation?

  • What goes on in your mind when you make a business decision?
  • What is your subconscious “thinking” while closing a sale or talking to a prospect?
  • What happens when you can’t control what 90% of your mind is thinking when you start to consider goals, objectives, and the performance of your business?
  • What could you accomplish if you could harness the power of the 90% of your mind that you normally can’t use, understand, or control?

I’m talking about harnessing the power of complete thought and uncovering the reasons why your mind might be keeping you from being successful.


Don’t Believe That Your Subconscious Mind Makes Decisions For You?

Think About This…

Have you ever got up in the morning and said: “Today is the day I am going to workout, eat healthy, and take care of myself?”

Chances are, just a few hours later you were reaching for another candy bar, downing an energy drink, and putting your workout off until tomorrow.

It works like that in every type of vocation people have too.

It’s easy to sit down and write a list of things to do—project that need to be completed, calls that need to be returned, work that needs to be done for you to reach your goals.

Goal setting and knowing what you have to do is the easy part—the hard part is motivating yourself to do it.

Additionally, beyond just motivation, there is an entire mental process that you normally can’t access controlling most of your actions.


I Don’t Know Exactly What Your Mind Is Doing To Sabotage Your Success,

and It’s Happening And Somewhere Inside You KNOW It


I’m not inside your mind—I’m not going to fully understand what’s stopping you from being successful until I sit down with you and help you analyze your own subconscious.

There’s a strong chance you’re facing a number of self-sabotage scenarios…

  • Are You Afraid Of Rejection?
  • Do You Have Negative Beliefs About Money?
  • Do You Lack Self Discipline?
  • What About Motivation?
  • Do You Live Through Hope And Relief?
  • Do You Have Trouble Taking Action? 

It’s impossible to know exactly how your subconscious is interpreting, handling, and dictating your business affairs until you investigate your subconscious thoughts through professionally guided hypnosis.

As a professional development speaker, hypnotist, and psychological business consultant, I’ve helped thousands of people just like you discover what hidden components of thought and action were holding them back from success.

Here’s How I Can Help…


I’ve been helping people improve their businesses, develop themselves personally, and experience the rejuvenating change of subconscious awakening for over 30 years.

Through research and investigation into the power of the subconscious mind, motivation, business and sales, and hypnosis, I’ve found a way to help people like you uncover the hidden problems that are holding them back from success.

I’ve produced over 43 programs on personal development, business development, success coaching, hypnosis, and influence. Additionally, I am the previous chairman of “The Winner’s Circle” mastermind group, Speaker Trainer of The Year for “The Winner’s Circle” and “The JV Super Conference,” and a proud consultant who has helped many clients become millionaires by recognizing the power in taking control of what is holding back their business success.

Now, I’m about to introduce to you one of my latest programs—the “Eliminate Self Sabotage” 1-Day Online Workshop.

It’s the culmination of all of my 30+ years of experience in studying motivation, business, sales secrets, psychology and the power of hypnosis.

I’ve put together this unique 1-day online workshop so that you can finally afford to see the transformative power of hypnosis as it is applied to business success.


Discover What You Can Accomplish At

The “Eliminate Self Sabotage” 1-Day Online Workshop

I want you to be able to see exactly what you can accomplish by discovering the self-sabotaging tendencies your subconscious mind is using to hold you back from success.

More than that, you’re going to be able to experience, in-person, the transformative power of hypnosis.

Here’s What You’ll Experience…

  • Step One: Investigative Hypnosis – Discover how you are sabotaging yourself and WHY you are doing in. You’ll undergo an insightful, transformative hypnosis that will help you uncover what the “other 90%” of your mind is thinking.
  • Step Two: Eradicating The Block – I’ll share proven strategies and techniques tested over thousands of case studies and utilized by many people just like you at one of my 43 life changing workshops. You’ll learn how to break the pattern that is blocking your success and craft a new emotional subconscious experience.
  • Step Three: Strategizing For Success – Take part in developing a real world plan and supportive habits that result in lasting change. This process only takes one day at this live workshop—you’ll see the result in your work and business for the rest of your life.

No amount of training, no other seminar, no book, guide, eBook, education experience, or amount of coaching—NOTHING CAN HELP YOU if you are sabotaging yourself.


Our Proven Approach Can Help You Uncover Your Self Sabotaging Tendencies

And Provide Real Solutions That Promote Future Success

The most powerful transformative change you can make—the one thing that you can do right now to dictate your success and unlock the power of your subconscious mind or to stop yourself from self-sabotage is to sign up for this one day workshop.

Our proven process will guide your transformative journey:

  • Education And Teaching – I’ll show you the proven facts behind the self-sabotage that is stopping you from achieving your goals. My easy-to-follow teaching style has been honed over 25 years of education and consulting experience.
  • Guided Coaching –  Find up what expert coaching can do for you! Aren’t completely sold on the idea of hypnosis? That’s alright! I still have plenty of business-oriented tips that I am going to share that you can use to improve your state of mind—techniques that you can implement to make more money.
  • Hypnosis And Subconscious Learning – Through the insight of hypnosis, you’ll learn how to take the action you need to take to empower your subconscious mind and end the cycle of self-sabotage that is hurting your business.


Here’s My Promise…

I promise that you will learn how to be more successful through this one-day online workshop.

You’ll learn how to stop the cycle of self-sabotage that is hurting you with a process that is more effective than anything you’ll find in a book or online. To experience this transformation and hypnosis you need to be here in person.

I know that for some people learning takes more time. Everyone is different.  Now, I guarantee that you are going to learn from this one day workshop.

Because people take different amounts of time to learn and everyone responds to hypnosis differently, I know that’s a challenge. That’s why I’ll let you return to any one of my self-sabotage workshops for free if you don’t learn from this one.


All Of The Benefits Of Professional Hypnosis Sessions

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I realize that individual one-on-one consulting, counseling, business coaching and hypnosis sessions are expensive.

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Taking advantage of this one day online workshop now when you have the chance can save you thousands in one-on-one business consulting, counseling, or hypnosis sessions. The primary reason I offer this workshop is to make the power of hypnosis available to people like you at a cost that’s actually affordable.

Don’t Let Your Subconscious Keep You From Taking Advantage Of This Unique Opportunity

It’s ok to still be skeptical.

I understand.

But you can’t hide from the truth.

Your subconscious mind controls 90% of your actions and you don’t even know what it’s doing right now.

You can unlock that power and program yourself to avoid the self-sabotage that is keeping you from achieving your business goals. All you have to do is come to this one day workshop, listen, participate and learn.

If you don’t leave motivated, excited for the future, confident and capable of reaching your goals, I will let you attend again for FREE.

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